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If you’re looking for residential or commercial architects, use ImRenovating.com to find the best architecture firms in the Pickering area. Our top listed firms offer a large variety of architectural services including design specialists, retail architecture, construction document specialists, architecture rendering services and consultations regarding residential projects.Our Pickering area architects make contemporary architecture designed to answer your needs while simultaneously considering the environmental impacts such projects may involve. With each project they aim to maximize the efficiency of existing infrastructure, using renewable energy where possible. Our top listed architects give your specific project the utmost care, resulting in results you’ll be more than satisfied with.

The Professional Architects you find on ImRenovating.com offer services ranging from commercial building designs to property assessments and detailed residential design plans. For your home building concepts or projects, the architects in the Pickering area can also offer you creative consultations, and environmentally friendly design plans.These top companies believe that good architecture need not be expensive, and that all buildings deserve to be thoughtful, healthy environments for their occupants. This core belief will be shown in the hardworking and result oriented architects who will work with you to fulfill your commercial or residential vision.

Whether your building project is a custom home design for a new build, a renovation of an existing residence, or a new office space, collaboration and consultation between you and our Pickering area architects will be a top priority. For interior designs, our listed architects integrate programming, space planning, leading-edge technologies, sustainability, energy efficiency, lighting, ergonomics, acoustics, brand integration, color, material and furniture as tools that positively impact and create healthy living or working environments. They understand that the designs of bright, inspiring and collaborative spaces are hallmarks of a well designed interior.

From walking to the construction site, to the walls standing and interior design, our top listed architects are committed to your project. They work together with you throughout all the stages providing expertise and creative consultation at every step. Good architecture needs to be managed from beginning to end and part of that process is securing planning permission and the necessary building permits for the project. In case you are unsure of how to obtain all of the proper documentation, our architecture specialists will assist you in all of the preparation. When it comes to your project, you can be certain that our Pickering area architects don’t cut corners.

Something that is always on your mind throughout a project is the budget. It can sometimes feel like a once modest budget, can balloon over the course of time. Establishing and maintaining a well-managed budget makes for satisfied clients and designers alike. Constant communication and honesty between you and our listed architects are the keys to beautiful results within your monetarily limit. It is very important for follow the architectural renderings precisely to ensure your construction budget is followed. If your project is headed down a road you don’t feel fits within your means, our architecture specialists will inform you in advance so you can be in charge of all of the important decisions.

During every project, our listed architects are guided by a unique process that results in spaces that meet the requirements of your needs, while simultaneously offering comfort and inspiration. No matter the size, scope, or budget of your architectural project, the experts found on ImRenovating.com will be able to offer you exactly what you need.

Are you thinking of doing a major renovation for your home or commercial space? Our listed Pickering architects have the expertise to fulfill your projects and assist you with the design and construction process. Architects will help you through the complicated regulations required for your new building, including zoning bylaws, building codes and contractors’ bids. Our Pickering architects have the education, training and professional experience necessary to turn your ideas into design solutions that meet your functional needs. Architectural services provided by our Pickering architects include preliminary and conceptual design, contract administration and site review for residential and commercial building projects. Our Pickering architects can come to your home and take measurements of your house and prepare drawings from scratch that are permit-ready, showing all the changes you are planning to make. The drawings have all necessary specifications required for obtaining a building permit for your project, including architectural, structural and building code related.

Care for the environment has over time become increasingly important in all lines of work, and architecture is no exception. Our Pickering architects promote the use of green building technologies and affordable green building practices. They carefully consider the environmental impact that projects may involve. Our design specialists offer a complete, holistic and collaborative approach to architecture.

The field of architecture began thousands of years ago, at a time when the only items available for sketching were clay tablets. Tools used by architects have vastly evolved since then. Our listed Pickering architects use state-of-the-art technology to create intricate designs of the architectural vision you have for your home. These tools allow architects to sketch using a stylus on a tablet. This allows architects to quickly get ideas on paper and some believe it is faster than computers, hands down.

If you have a construction project or home renovations in mind, it is essential to hire a Pickering home design specialist. Our list of expert Pickering architects will save you time. They are knowledgeable of what structural choices may impact installation of various systems and can assist you with finding new materials or technologies that are less expensive and high quality than traditional material.

Our listed Pickering architects have a broad range of expertise based on many years of professional experience. They offer exceptional client service and will provide professional guidance every step of the way. Their services include condominiums, housing, research labs, urban streetscapes and private courtyards. Whether you are interested in modern architecture or a more traditional home design for your project, our Pickering architects will listen to you and work with you to create the project of your dreams.

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