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If you’re looking for a natural gas or propane gas fitting professional for your home renovation or construction project in the Peterborough area, use to find exactly what you need. Whether you are considering replacing that noisy old furnace with a new energy efficient natural gas furnace or adding a new outdoor barbeque, it may be time to seek help from a gas fitting and installation expert. If you are not handy with tools, it`s time to call a professional licensed gas fitter to help guide you through the installation of your new gas appliance from start to finish. This is not a project for the average homeowner, this requires a licensed tradesman to complete, test, and certify the safety of the new gas appliance. The gas fitters and gas piping tradesmen found on have the experience and training to work with you on a plan for your family living space. If your new or existing home is in need of a new natural gas water heater or gas furnace, or simply wish to upgrade an existing gas appliance in your home or business. Our Peterborough area listed gas fitters are here to help.

Gas Fitters are professionals that home owners can rely on. When you are in need of professional gas line and pipe installation guidance, let our Peterborough area gas fitting specialists consult with you before beginning the construction process, allowing you to get the most out of your new natural gas or propane conversion appliances.

Many beautiful homes throughout the region were built before Natural Gas or Liquid Propane options were available, and as a result, do not have gas lines installed in their homes or businesses to service the newer and more modern gas appliances. It is a great idea to consult with a professional Gas Fitter before purchasing your new gas fireplace of water heater to allow you to plan the installation of the gas lines in a convenient and safe location. Gas line installation is typically completed by a qualified gas line installation technician who is both a licensed gas fitter and insured to protect you and your family should there ever be a problem. Older homes can be retrofitted with lines running on the exterior of the home or business and then enter the building directly through the wall in the closest proximity to the new gas appliance.

Our listed and trusted gas fitting contractors as well as many licensed and trained Plumbing Contractors and Plumbing Companies have the qualifications to properly guide and advise you on the safe installation of your natural gas dryer or gas stove connections. It is important for the homeowner to consider all future gas line requirements to allow for additional gas appliances when undertaking the building of a new addition or the capacity to supply natural gas to a heated shop or garage heater to be provisioned for future use. With proper planning, expansion of current gas lines and services can easily be accommodated to feed those new gas appliances as they are upgraded and installed.

Our professional gas fitting companies have spent years learning the gas fitting trade and working with industry professionals as well as other trades that are affected by the installation of gas lines such as home renovation contractors who build the new additions and renovate existing homes while considering the natural gas upgrades that most homeowners desire. Through this cooperative effort, most new gas line installations can be installed with little effort and with a minimal cost. A professional gas fitter will be pleased to do an on-site evaluation to gather the pertinent information that will allow him or her to provide a free written estimate of the work to be completed accurately, on time, and on budget.

There are so many exciting new retro antique gas appliances and fireplaces to choose from multiple brand name manufacturers these days, that you can feel confident in using any of the experts found on that are here to help get that new gas fireplace, gas dryer, or natural gas barbecue installed. It is very important to hire a professional gas piping and fitting expert to complete all of your gas line connections and gas appliance hook ups.

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