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The top rated Marble and Granite Supply experts are the professionals you can find on who have the knowledge and experience to help you transform your tired looking kitchen or bathroom into a virtual work of unique art that will awe and inspire everyone who experiences your newly renovated kitchen or bathroom installation. Granite and Marble Suppliers in the Orillia area have the elite and specialized knowledge and ability to transform your new home or addition into an awe inspiring work of art with some of the most sought after granite, marble, quartz, onyx, and soapstone products available on the market today. When you are considering a kitchen or bathroom makeover, addition, or new renovation, consult our Orillia area marble and granite supply companies to learn about the latest countertop, flooring, and shower wall options that are now available and will leave a lasting impression on visitors to your home or business as they marvel at the lovely colors and style embedded into centuries old stone.

When you are considering an upgrade or home renovation to your aging Kitchen or Bathroom or maybe getting around to replacing the purple vanity top in your bathroom complimented by a matching toilet and shower, why not consider a more luxurious upgrade to marble or granite vanity tops and matching kitchen countertops. Often considered as available only to the rich and famous, more modern cutting and sawing methods as well as a significant increase in supply and demand has brought the price of such an installation down to a more moderate price level that almost anyone can afford. Granite and Marble Suppliers generally stock hundreds of uniquely colored granite and marble samples that you can take home to assist in envisioning a proposed kitchen or bathroom renovation prior to making your purchase. Marble and Granite Slabs are now commonly used around bathtub surrounds and on the walls of custom showers that boast a seamless and grout-free surface that is less prone to mold growth and thus easier to clean and maintain.

Most of our listed marble & granite supply contractors also have more exotic offerings available for a truly elite effect such as black onyx, soapstone, quartz and various other hard to find hybrids. It is important when considering to replace your old counter top that you take into account the significant increase in weight that you will be adding with a new marble or granite countertop and that your kitchen cabinets are sturdy enough to support the additional weight. You can always add additional bracing to assist in supporting the extra weight and it is important to note that most of today’s custom kitchen cabinets and production run big box store cabinets have already been engineered to accommodate the extra weight imposed by the addition of a marble or granite countertop upgrades.

Aside from choosing the ultimate granite or marble surface to compliment your décor, there are other considerations to ponder such as the type of custom edging that finishes off the exposed edge of the counter top. There are many edging profiles available that add that extra little touch to the edges of your marble or granite slab that offer a soft and rolling edge that doesn’t feel too sharp to the touch and is safer for younger children. Any one of our listed Marble & Granite Supply Companies would be more than happy to consult with you on the many choices available for your home or business renovation when a new countertop or washroom vanity top is required. If you have a budget in mind for your ultimate kitchen, it may be time to get in touch with one of our Orillia marble & granite supply companies for a free written estimate and to check availability of specialty orders and colors.

There is nothing on the planet more earthy and unique than a polished stone surface as a fireplace hearth or fireplace surround, cut from hand-picked granite, limestone, or marble to draw additional attention to your new fireplace or wood stove installation. Granite & Marble are finding their ways into more commercial applications these days where Customers are entertained in waiting areas that are designed for their comfort and enjoyment while they wait and often need to use a restroom that has extravagant marble or cultured stone amenities. Only the highest of quality materials are used in these upscale installations and most of the marble and granite countertops have been custom laser cut for an exact fit to ensure the ultimate satisfaction of their customers. Although nothing stands the test of time like a natural and durable stone surface, you should consider the stain resistant capabilities versus the aesthetic look and whether frequent spills may permanently stain the natural stone surface that can be next to impossible to remove. Great care must also be taken to prevent heavy objects from dropping and possibly cracking the surface as it cannot be easily repaired. In some cases though, a damaged or stained surface can be brought back to almost new condition by buffing and polishing by an experienced refinishing expert.

All things considered, there is nothing more satisfying than the luxurious look and feel of cultured stone accents in the form of naturally occurring marble and granite when installed in your kitchen or bathroom. If you are planning on home renovations or a kitchen upgrade or makeover, plan on contacting one of our Orillia marble and granite supply companies to consult with and guide you through the many beautiful and unique choices before you begin your construction project, it could save you a lot of money and avoid any disappointments.

Our local Orillia area marble & granite suppliers feature professionals who will effectively apply their skills, workmanship and customer service excellence to assist you with your requests. Not only are our {city) area granite & marble suppliers skillful and talented, they possess a very unique knowledge of cutting edge building products custom milled and custom fitted to match your expectations.

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