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If you’re looking for a Hot Tub and Spa Expert in the Orillia area, use to find exactly what you need. Our top rated spa and hot tub experts set the industry standards in knowledge and experience. The hot tubs & spas available today have more features and options available than ever before and boast more energy efficiency while delivering greater pump power through technological advances and enhancements. Our Orillia area listed hot tub & spa companies are here to help with advice on whether to purchase a salt water hot tub or spa, or consider a more traditional chlorine or bromine treated model. There are many sizes and shapes available to suit your lifestyle and feature trendy designs and patterns for a stylish addition to your home or backyard retreat. Energy efficiency is on everyone`s mind when choosing a hot tub these days, and the projected energy usage data is typically noted on most product literature to assist you in choosing the best model to meet your needs and budget.

Relaxing in a luxurious and soothing Hot Tub and Spa has never been more attainable with the introduction of flexible financing options available when the budget is stretched just a little thin allowing you to enjoy the relaxing benefits today without the need for a large initial cash outlay. The original wooden Soaker Tubs that paved the way for today`s more modern hot tubs & spas are still manufactured and available today and offer a more nostalgic entry into the enjoyment of a relaxing soak in a swirling heated pool of water tucked away in a discrete area of your backyard or deck area. Most of our Spa and Hot Tub Dealers offer a complete product line with differing features and benefits available on varying models guaranteed to please even the most demanding requirements. Hot Tub Lids and Covers have also advanced over the years and now offer thick and durable injected foam covers that will contain the heat when not in use and increase the overall energy savings through greater efficiency while keeping the overall weight of the hot tub cover to a minimum. Most Spa Covers include all weather straps and fasteners to anchor the hot tub lid to the base during windy and inclement weather conditions that offer easy snap or click fastening for young and old alike.

Another differentiating hot tub and spa innovation is the type of whirlpool creating Hot Tub Nozzles and Jets that are used to create a hydrotherapy effect as you relax in the warm swirling water with the Spa Jets and Nozzles directed in the area you would like to massage. Adding air to the water mixture creates a bubbling massage affect that ultimately results in a massaging flow specifically directed at your tired and aching muscles. There are many hot tub and spa layout configurations available that allow you to recline in a semi prone position and then change to a more upright position for a completely different experience. If you are considering purchasing a new hot tub or spa, use our Orillia area Hot Tub & Spa Dealers who will be pleased to work with you to understand your needs and wants to allow them to make the best recommendations for your site location and ultimately your budget.

There are many Hot Tub and Spa Manufacturers here are just a few to get you started. Beachcomber Hot Tubs , Arctic Spas, Coast Spas, Sundance Spas, Jacuzzi, and Marquis.

Our listed Hot Tub and Spa Companies have all of the best chemical treatments for your spa and hot tub needs including water testing equipment and appropriate additives to maintain the optimum balance of the water you are bathing in. A growing alternative to costly water treatment chemicals is the use of salt water. Salt Water Hot Tubs & Spas use a specifically designed and engineered salt water pump and automated salt injection system to maintain optimum salt levels necessary to keep bacteria from growing or thriving and require minimum maintenance which appeals to most everyone.

Our listed Professional Hot tub and Spa Experts are typically factory trained to ensure the highest degree of Customer Satisfaction and are responsible to carry out any and all manufacturer warranties and guarantees. They stock most hot tub and spa parts and accessories and offer excellent after purchase service should any component of your spa or hot tub malfunction or breakdown during the course of the warranty and many offer used hot tubs and spas for sale when traded in and upgraded after being thoroughly inspected and approved for resale.

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