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If you’re looking for Awnings and Canopies to enhance or cover your outdoor space, try contacting the trusted canopies and awnings retailers found on These Professional Awning and Canopy Experts have exactly what you and your family need to beat the summer heat and block out those harmful UV rays. Retractable Awnings improve both the appearance and functionality of a home and allow you to take full advantage of your outdoor space by giving you the flexibility of an awning that can be retracted when not in use. For Business Owners, a Storefront Awning provides shelter for your Customers as well as provides a canvas for your logo and message that will surely catch the eye of passersby. Retractable Awnings add utility to your patio or deck while simultaneously improving the curb appeal and offer the flexibility of folding away when you wish to enjoy full sun. Our listed Awnings & Canopy Companies in the local Orillia area offer a large assortment of colourful fabrics in various shades, patterns and profiles. Whether you’re looking to create a backyard oasis, or just a little more shade, contact one of our local Orillia area Awnings & Canopies Contractors for top quality products and Customer Service.

Throughout the summer and early fall, your home patio or deck can be completely overpowered by the sun’s heat and harmful UV or Ultra Violet Light and Sun Rays. This can tend to drive you inside or at the very least, leave you looking for some shady relief in your backyard. Don’t let your patio or deck become a wasted opportunity, look into purchasing an awning or canopy for your outdoor space and enjoy the summer the way it was meant to be. These top quality canopy and awning products are built strong to last and can easily handle wind and rain, and are fully retractable and typically UV resistant. This means they will provide years of trouble free service and are always ready when you require them. You may choose from permanently fixed models, or motorized retractable models for increased convenience.

Retractable awnings and natural light patio covers often create a harmonious, unobstructed and fluid transition between inside and out. The look and appeal of a retractable awning generates an uplifting mood and becomes a natural part of your backyard or patio at a very reasonable price that can be motorized for increased functionality. Roll Shutters and Patio Covers are additional products that our Awnings and canopies retailers offer and are designed to complement their product offering so that on a sunny or hot day, you and your guests will have a calm and cool area to relax and socialize in. Additionally, canopies and awnings can provide a safe and cool space for you and your children and provide shady relief on a hot and sunny day.

Many of our trusted and reliable awing and canopy contractors have the ability to custom build a natural light canopy using composite or acrylic materials often from recycled plastic materials following environmentally and ecosystem friendly methodology. These transparent or semi-transparent materials have a filtering ability built right into their material composition either using a dye or micro film coating that filters out the sun’s harmful UV rays and have a variety of applications. Typically carbon fiber reinforced, and similar in weight and feel to common real estate sign materials but far stronger and more durable and capable of carrying some light snow loads in areas prone to snow. These acrylic canopies and awning materials have applications ranging from backyard shade and rain canopies to hot tub covers and can even be used for greenhouses, solariums, sunrooms or atriums.

Our trusted local Orillia area awnings and canopies retailers strive for the highest degree of quality and ultimate customer service. They will work diligently to ensure you get the right product for your specific needs. The professional-grade products they carry feature fully welded aluminum frames, and are offered in a variety of patterns, textures and designs to fit any home and are resistant to molds and mildews making them relatively easy to clean and maintain. Adding these beautiful awnings onto your home not only increases your overall outdoor functionality, but also adds to the curb appeal and overall value of your home or business. An entrance canopy welcoming your customers can also tend to protect your steps and entrance way from ice and snow buildup potentially resisting slip and fall hazards. Canopies and Awnings also protect the deck stain on your deck thus increasing the overall service life of your deck and extending the periods when a deck stain needs to be reapplied. Most of the awning and canopy manufacturers and suppliers offer a typical 10 year warranty and boast welded vinyl seams for increased durability and extended service lives. Should the area that you wish to cover be an odd length or width, take comfort in knowing that our Awnings and Canopies Contractors will be pleased to Custom Order or Custom Build the Canopy or Awning of your dreams in your choice of color, pattern, material, and style.

Awnings, canopies, and sunshades can tend to block heat before it has the chance to enter your home and can therefore potentially reduce cooling or air conditioning costs during the heat of summer and with reduced energy costs, helps the environment by saving energy.

Canopies and Awnings not only create a sense of hospitality to your home, they also extend your living space beautifully. Covering your patio or deck in the summer with a canvas awning complimented by a vinyl coating to repel the rain is like adding a new room to your house. Awnings and canopies provide seasonal protection from the sun and rain and combine functional elegance with decorative appeal to enhance the appearance of any home or business. Awnings & Canopies offer the added benefit of protecting curtains and drapes from the damaging effects of UV light. Whether you need additional shade at your doorstep, or you’re looking to create a safe and inviting atmosphere for you and your family, our listed awning and canopy experts in the local Orillia area have something for your specific needs.

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