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If you’re looking for a Hardwood Flooring Professional in the Kingston area, use to find exactly what you need. Our hardwood flooring experts have the knowledge and experience to assist you in choosing the best hardwood flooring to suit your home or business. There are many innovative hardwood flooring finishes available in today’s market that offer very appealing warranties on their factory applied finish for periods often exceeding 10 years or more. Many of the hardwood flooring manufacturers also offer extended warranties on their factory finishes to protect your investment against damage due to wear and tear. Our Kingston area listed Hardwood Flooring Specialists have the superior installation techniques and ability to lay down your new hardwood flooring quickly and efficiently for an everlasting beautiful and durable floor that will last for years to come.

Unlike standard flooring alternatives such as carpeting or vinyl flooring, Hardwood Flooring can last a lifetime if they are installed correctly and properly cared for. Even after many years of loyal service and after a factory warranty on the finish has passed, Hardwood Flooring can be gently sanded to remove the old existing stain and varathane finish and be prepped for a fresh stain and multi-layer protective finish to appear like new. Hardwood Flooring can also be carefully sanded and refinished provided the initial wood layer is of sufficient depth to allow a light sanding to accept the new finish.

Hardwood handcrafted flooring comes in many styles, finishes, lengths, and widths to best suit your décor. The appeal of timeless beauty that has been naturally grown over time adds value and warmth to any room. Both durable and strong, hardwood flooring is relatively easy to care for compared to other flooring alternatives, and is relatively cost comparable to granite, porcelain, or marble tile installations. If you are considering replacing that old and tired carpet or vinyl flooring, use our Kingston area hardwood flooring specialists to get the job done right and on time. In most cases, hardwood or laminated wood flooring can easily replace your tired floor with just a little preparation. Remove your carpet or vinyl, scrap the plywood seams and smooth out the sub-floor with a pre-mixed floor leveling compound to even out any low or uneven areas of your floor. Ensure the plywood is sound and properly fastened to your floor joists. Hammer in any loose nails or screws so they don’t tend to push the new hardwood floor from underneath and essentially your home or business is ready to receive your new custom hardwood flooring.

Our listed Hardwood Flooring Companies are expertly trained and familiar with all aspects of wood laminate flooring applications as well and can help guide you through your new construction, addition, or home renovation project. The installation process is essentially the same as regular hardwood flooring installations and takes about the same amount of time to complete from a labor standpoint. Some of the wood laminate flooring has very unique textures and exotic wood grain patterns as they are expertly engineered from a variety of highly sought after wood products that are usually quite rare. Due to the fact that th ewood laminate flooring products are factory milled in multi-layers bonded and pressed together and composed of multiple layers of thinly cut wood laminates, the use of these expensive exotic hardwoods becomes more affordable because they are engineered in fine layers that use less volume of the actual wood. Generally speaking, laminate wood flooring is usually a little cheaper to purchase than true hardwood flooring because it is usually thinner and lighter in composition. One of the greatest draw-backs of engineered wood laminate flooring is the susceptibility to water exposure tending to swell and buckle at the joints and often de-laminate the layers apart from each other causing irreparable damage that is not easily repaired.

Our listed Professional Hardwood Flooring Companies have the experience to make recommendations on the best hardwood flooring products to use in a specific flooring application. Hardwood flooring is becoming increasingly popular in businesses or commercial settings as it stands up to frequent cleaning as it is subject and resistant to high traffic volumes of Customers. Wood laminate flooring is also suitable for commercial and business applications where it is less likely to come into contact with water or chemical exposure such as automotive fluids and harsh chemical cleaning compounds. Our trusted hardwood flooring installation professionals can meet with you to fully understand the proposed area to be covered and what the floor will be subjected to as far as traffic volume and the work environment to be considered. Cork and bamboo flooring is gaining favor these days for both residential and commercial flooring installations as it is very durable and resilient and yet has a padding effect to your feet especially when walking barefoot on it. The stylish designs available in bamboo and cork flooring range from modest and traditional patterns and grain to wild and exotically exciting.

There are many hardwood species of hardwood flooring from which to choose such as Hickory, Oak, Maple, Pagoda, and Acacia offering the ultimate choice in brushed on finishes or the ever increasingly popular scraped and textured finish that offers and aged look and effect second to none. The choices for laminate hardwood flooring are similar, but laminate hardwood generally offers a click together installation process that is more appealing to the do it yourself individual who is not prepared to install a full blown hardwood flooring system.

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