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Do You Have a Question that requires a Professional Real Estate Broker or Agent to Answer? Are you interested in receiving a Free Written Estimate or Quote? Use ImRenovating.com to access all of Your Local Home Improvement Contractors, Stores, Tradesmen, and Businesses. Simply Click on the Green Button Above to instantly Contact up to 4 Local Real Estate Brokers and Agents.

If you’re looking for Real Estate brokers and Agents in the Local Cape Breton area, use ImRenovating.com to find exactly what you need. Our Real Estate Professionals have their finger on the pulse of the Local Real Estate Market combined with the knowledge and expertise to find your New Home or List your existing Home or Business For Sale in most expedient way. It is often wise to have a certified home inspection performed prior to listing your property for sale to ensure any upgrades or repairs are completed prior to listing the property for sale or lease to ensure there are no obstacles present that may drive the purchase price downward. Should and repairs or upgrades be required, Our local Cape Breton area listed real estate brokers & agents have access to many home improvement contractors that they can recommend to perform the repairs prior to listing the property for sale as well as putting you in touch with a local home inspection service to identify any deficiencies. If you are new to the local Cape Breton area, and are looking to relocate for business or pleasure, use ImRenovating.com to find a qualified and knowledgeable Real Estate Professional to work with that understands you’re your needs.

One of the largest and most significant purchases you will likely ever make is buying a new home or purchasing a business. Working with experienced and knowledgeable real estate agents or brokers of record allows you to tap into a wealth of local real estate history and market trends that affect home purchases and sales and have the tools and training at hand, to facilitate your real estate transaction professionally. Be sure to work with leading real estate industry professionals who are both creative and innovative with their property marketing programs and employ the use of the latest technologies and internet trends to ensure your property has the maximum exposure possible to sell your home fast. Time is never on anyone’s side when it comes to selling a property and facilitating a real estate transaction on your expected timeline and can be quite stressful if it takes longer than expected. This is why using ImRenovating.com to find and work with local Real Estate Professionals in the Local Cape Breton area is vital to your success and peace of mind.

Our local Cape Breton area Real Estate Agents and Brokers are committed to your ultimate satisfaction while ensuring a rewarding and exciting overall experience in working with them. It pays to do a little homework on the Broker of Record that you are considering dealing with. Have they closed many real estate deals lately? What do other Consumers have to say about their overall experience working with them? Did they meet other property sellers target market price? These are very important factors when choosing the best real estate agent that is right for you and will work in your best interest, not theirs. Follow your own agenda and weigh out the pros and cons of each and every suggestion that will affect the outcome of your real estate purchase or sale as there is no room for regrets after the deal has closed.

Don’t make the mistake of overextending yourself with luxuries and options that will increase your purchase price beyond your level of comfort and affect your financial well being for many years beyond that initial wow factor! Always keep in mind that appealing interest rates that allow you to stretch yourself to the limit don’t last forever and you could very well find yourself in deep trouble when it is time to renew your mortgage and the interest rates have significantly increased to the point you can no longer afford your dream home.

With that in mind, and prior to making any commitments, use a simple Mortgage Calculator to determine affordability and sustainability. It also makes sense to plan on a higher interest rate for the future just in case of any fluctuations and is more pertinent on shorter term loans.

This simple tool will help you determine a good starting point, there are many others out there from which to choose. Scotia Bank Mortgage Payment Calculator.

Once you have determined your Comfort Level, feel free to access these networks to begin your journey to find your dream property and ultimate happiness, Realtor.com,Realtor.ca, andMLS.com.

There are generally two classifications of Real Estate Agents, one represents the Seller, and the other represents the Buyer. In the case of working on behalf of the real estate seller, your need to determine the most realistic asking price for your home based primarily on local and current real estate market conditions. They will assist you on determining the sale ability of your home, is it ready for showing to prospective buyers in its current condition? If not, then your real estate sales representatives may have some suggestions on how to bring your home up to par to prepare for showing. Your chosen Real Estate Sales Representative will have a Marketing Plan for your Property and a Plan of Action prepared. Your Real Estate Sales Professional should keep you informed on any progress or interest in your property as well as any changes in local market conditions that may positively or negatively affect the asking price for your home or business. Once there is buyer interested in your property and an Offer to Purchase has been initiated, your Real Estate Agent or Broker will present you with the Offer to Purchase and review the details of the proposal with you and handle any further price negotiations with the Purchaser and ensure all documents are in perfect order and ready to be officiated and deemed final and ready for Closing and now ready for your choice of Real Estate Lawyers which may also be found on ImRenovating.com in the local Cape Breton area in the Real Estate Lawyers section of ImRenovation.com to transfer ownership of your property to the new owners.

The other function of Real Estate Brokers and Agents is to solely Represent the Buyer which is referred to as an ABR or Accredited Buyer Representative who works for you exclusively on a specific real estate transaction and is dedicated to satisfying your real estate needs based on your personal preferences and the features and price that will meet your expectations and requirements. This Buyer Arrangement is based on trust and good listening skills as they are working on your behalf to ultimately negotiate the best price you are looking for. Be sure to ask for recent references of successful local real estate transactions they have facilitated for your own peace of mind.

Although there are obvious real estate fees and commissions associated with the sale of your home or business, bear in mind that there are also pitfalls and assumed risk involved when attempting to carry out the sale of your property personally. Are you adequately insured when showing an individual thorough your home. What happens if they are inadvertently injured while in your care? All Real Estate Brokers and Agents listed on ImRenovating.com in the local Cape Breton area are expected to carry liability insurance for your protection should anyone be injured at your home or business while in the care of the Real Estate Professional, when in doubt, ask for proof of liability insurance to ensure you are in good hands.

When buying or selling a home or commercial business, always be aware of hidden or often overlooked costs associate with the sale closing such as Lawyer Fees, Land Transfer Tax, Home Inspection Services, Financing Costs and especially fess associated with Mortgage Insurance such as CMHC, Canadian Mortgaging and Housing Commission that requires a certain percentage tacked on to your House Mortgage when your down payment is less than 20 percent equity for example, Other rules may apply depending on the Province or State requirements. The Real Estate Experts working in our Cape Breton area Real Estate Brokers & Agents sector of ImRenovating.com will help you understand and prepare for these often overlooked details that can have a huge negative impact on your overall real estate transaction especially if you are a first time home buyer!

Our Real Estate Brokers & Real Estate Sales Agents are Professionals who are always available to assist New Home Buyers, First Time Home Buyers, as well as existing Home Owners when it comes to Home Owner Mortgages and Home Financing or Construction Loans should you decide to build a new home or when you are preparing to make your purchase. Whether it is working with New Home Builders offering a new home warranty program such as the TARION new homes warranty, your real estate professionals will be there every step of the way to ensure your new home purchase is a great experience.

Our listed local Cape Breton area Real Estate Agents and Brokers have the right property for the right price waiting for you today. Whether you are looking for an older fixer upper, or a brand new Custom Built Home in a prestigious new Subdivision, the choices are literally endless. Maybe a Bungalow with the convenience of most amenities being located conveniently on a single floor, or for a growing family in need of additional living space, maybe a 3 or 4 level back-split or side-split is more along your lines of preference. Many buyers are also now looking for investment properties that have a basement apartment for rent to offset the mortgage payment or a rental property such as a multi family townhouse that has already been properly zoned as a multi-dwelling unit and meets all of the local fire and building code criteria. With an aging population, many buyers are looking for a maintenance free residential homes in the form of a condominium or condo as they are commonly referred to that still has that homey feel to it without the obligations like cutting the grass and trimming the hedge that a detached home comes with.

Many of our listed Cape Breton area Real Estate Brokers and Agents have exclusive listings for elite Subdivisions and will facilitate the purchase of your vacant lot for the opportunity to work with an Exclusive New Home Builder that will Custom Build your Dream Home with your specific requirements, features, and choice of stylish and luxurious amenities. Some of these New Subdivision Developments are Gated Communities that offer upscale Security and Clubhouse privileges, are designed to appeal to an Adults only demographic of New Home Buyers and some are dedicated to Senior Citizens in a structured Seniors Lifestyle Community.

There are many factors to consider when choosing to relocate where you live. Whatever your reason or motivation, Our trusted and local Cape Breton area Real Estate Brokers and Real Estate Agents are here to help you realize your dreams and are available to consult with you to choose the right path for you, your family, and your business needs.

For all Top Quality Residential and Commercial Real Estate Brokers and Agents in The Cape Breton Area, look no further than the Real Estate Brokers and Agents section of ImRenovating.com, The Cape Breton Area's Ultimate Trade Guide!

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