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If you’re looking for a Plaster and Moldings professional in the Ajax area, use ImRenovating.com to find exactly what you need. Our plaster & moldings experts have the artistic ability and know how to transform your home renovation into a one of a kind masterpiece. Plastering Service is an old world trade that has stood the test of time and is often required when renovating or adding an addition to an older existing home where it is necessary to transition from an older and dated structure to a more modern living space built with readily available up to date materials. Trims and moldings purchased today are difficult to match up to older styles and profiles. Our Ajax area plaster and moldings companies are here to help. Our moldings and plastering professionals can match just about any trim profile you could desire in a unique and textured design ranging from turn of the century traditional moldings to more modern designs made from injected molded foam that are much lighter and easier to install in corners and ceilings.

Plaster and Molding Companies often work alongside experienced Custom Trim Carpenters when matching a new renovation or addition to an existing and older home since it requires both trades to work in conjunction with each other to seamlessly marry the old with the new. Although Plaster and Lath Installation has been replaced with drywall and taping over the past 40 or 50 years, there still remains a huge demand for the plastering trade as literally hundreds of thousands if not millions of homes were built around the installation of wooden lath with a layered coating of plaster embedded with horse hair for strength and bonding were built. These homes are difficult to repair and or renovate due to such a specialized niche trade that is not as readily available in today’s home building and renovation marketplace as it was in the past.

Plaster & Moldings Professionals have honed their art form over many years and were usually trained as an apprentice within many family businesses specializing in the techniques and tricks of the trade not practiced today. If you are looking for a highly skilled and specialized plaster and molding expert, use our Ajax area plaster and molding specialists to get the job done right and on time. Should you have the time and budget to finish your construction or renovation on your home or business with a real flair for something that is unique and stylish when it comes to the ultimate in plaster crown moldings or one of a kind custom plaster ceiling medallions, Plasterers may have just what you are looking for. They have the ability to transform your décor from the ordinary to the extraordinary that is truly a one of a kind artful masterpiece.

Our listed Plastering and Moldings Contractors are also familiar with most modern building practices and often use extruded foam castings to speed up the construction process that don’t rely on a lengthy time to dry and cure as compared to the use of Plaster of Paris Castings that are heavy and difficult to bond in place. As with most building products these days, newer and faster methods and materials can be utilized to achieve relatively the same overall pleasing effect that are both easier to install and repair as well as typically more cost effective.

Our listed Professional Plaster & Molding Companies will be pleased to arrange an on-site visit to measure up and offer suggestions on how best to get your desired results and architectural effect that you are looking for. In most cases, our plastering and moldings experts have a wealth of ideas and options from which to choose that will offer that unique and custom trim design to exceed your expectations and impress your guests and visitors with a piece of awe inspiring architecture.

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Seven Star Plaster & Stucco
http://www.sevenstarplaster.com (416) 817-3124 Comment
The Lime Plaster Company
http://www.naturallimeplaster.ca 1 (289) 839-0282 Comment
PRIME Mouldings
http://primestucco.com (647) 241-4046 Comment
Balmer Architectural Mouldings Inc.
http://www.balmer.com 1 (800) 665-3454 Comment


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