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    Not happy with your property the way it is? Have home renovations or repairs become necessary? Home and business improvements and upgrades such as general renovations increase the value of a property while dramatically improving its appearance and may be accomplished at comparatively reasonable costs when using a licensed professional. For a smart and efficient way to improve the value and appearance of your home or business, call a professional renovation expert today who can put your mind at ease. Before your renovation or remodeling project gets you in over your head, give one of our featured expert general contractors or trade experts a call; you won't be disappointed. ImRenovating.com is the ultimate trade guide to locate local top rated and qualified local contractors in your City.

    Now serving many local communities and quickly growing, this invaluable site features experienced industry professionals for consultation, estimation, installation and renovation services across Ontario Canada. Our directory of professional contractors and trades offer remodeling and construction services for every residential, commercial and industrial property. We showcase top rated local trades, services, handymen and local contractors from general to specific related tasks for all your project needs, including: kitchen renovations, bathroom renovations, basement renovation, general repairs, maintenance etc.

    If you’re looking for reliable and experienced General Contractors who have the knowledge and expertise when it comes to building or renovating just about any residential home or commercial business, then you have come to the right place to find one. General Contractors are for the most part similar to a General Manager as they take on the entire responsibility of all construction materials and building supplies that are to be used for your home renovation or new construction project. When Sub-Trades are to be used to complete work on a job site such as carpenters and trim contractors, plumbing contractors, electricians and electrical contractors, heating and air conditioning contractors, roofing contractors, kitchen cabinet installers, central vacuum installations, excavation contractors, cement contractors, stair builders, siding contractors, insulation contractors, bricklayers and masons, drywall contractors, and painting contractors to name a few, our trusted general contractor bears the responsibility of overseeing all aspects of their work and performance as well as overseeing that all health and safety regulations and requirements are met.

    Your City is home to some of the finest and most skilled and dedicated general contractors available near you for almost any construction project you can imagine. ImRenovating.com features the very best general contracting companies that take pride in their ability to provide the best overall customer satisfaction experience when taking charge of all aspects and responsibilities that come with new home building, small to medium residential renovations and additions, as well as overhauling an existing commercial or retail business location. These home renovations experts and new construction specialists understand the importance of working within strict time lines and budgets as well as possessing a full understanding of tried and true traditional home construction practices and are educated in new construction methods and the most up to date and state of the art building materials and construction processes. Hiring a general contractor is like hiring all of your required tradesmen with a single phone call that offers true peace of mind knowing that all aspects of the construction process is covered and you don’t need to source out the construction industry’s finest tradesmen yourself which takes a considerable amount of time and trouble to ensure they are reputable businesses. This work has already been accomplished the minute you hire one of our trusted and knowledgeable General Contractors found on ImRenovating.com.

    Your General Contractor is there to assist you with the necessary building application forms and submissions to get the project approved in a timely manner. Once the building and or septic permits have been issued, you may begin site excavation and concrete wall forming accompanied by the installation of required weeping tile and drainage covered with ministry approved aggregate and filter cloth where required. When the walls are formed and the cement has been poured and cured, it is time for the carpenters to begin framing the floor system and exterior walls with the desired door and window openings prepared for your choice in windows and doors to be installed. Once the structure has been completely framed and covered, time for your trusted general contractor to call in the rough-in services of plumbing contractors, security alarm services, electrical contractors, central vacuum installers, cable or satellite television providers, telephone services and wiring, heating and air conditioning contractors, insulation contractors, and the roofing contractors once the roof trusses have been set and the roof sheeting has been fastened down. Yes, our local General Contractors listed on ImRenovating.com truly look after it all. Now it is time to call in the hardwood flooring contractors, painting contractors, and door and window companies to work in unison with the custom trim carpenters and fireplace and mantel installer to begin the interior finishing processes. All of this home renovation and new home building creates a big mess and as your new home nears the move in status, it might be a great idea to call in a cleaning services contractor or company to help with the clean-up before you call your moving company to remove your furniture and belongings from the self storage and start moving in. While all this is taking place, your bricklayers and masons are putting the finishing touches on the exterior masonry work as the siding contractor is wrapping up the exterior wall cladding to completely finish the exterior of your new home or business and make way for the landscape contractors and designers to begin the front and backyard transformation as they plant trees, shrubs, ornamental gardens, and lay down your new sod lawn over your sprinklers and irrigation equipment. Time to call back your cement finisher to pour your walkways and sidewalks and install any retaining walls for the landscaping companies to further plant and integrate into your backyard oasis.

    Our trusted general contractors are the true home improvements and renovations experts who understand the entire new home building and renovation process and have the complete construction industry experience to work with you from the ground up. Using the best top quality construction materials and latest home and commercial construction methods and technology found conveniently on ImRenovating.com will make working with one of our general contractors a rewarding and fulfilling experience as they build your dream home or add on a small or large addition for your growing family or blossoming business endeavor.

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